WBJEE 2021


The state of West Bengal conducts a centralised computer-based test – WBJEE ,’West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination’, for admission to several private and governmental engineering institutions in the country.

Controlled and conducted every year by the West Bengal Joint Entrance Examinations Board, WBJEE 2021 test will be conducted for the 12th grade pass out students seeking admission to the undergraduate engineering and pharmacy courses. Students who have studied Pure Science and Vocational 10+2 stream at the plus two level having Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics are eligible to take this exam.

 Though dominated by the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education, students of West Bengal State Council of Technical and Vocational Education and Skill Development and the Central Board of Secondary Education, Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations board also take this test. Each year approximately 200,000–300,000 students sit for this exam

Top Indian Institutions like Jadavpur University, Calcutta University, University of Kalyani and few top private institutions, Institute of Engineering and Management, Techno India(Main) salt lake and Heritage Institute of Technology come under the umbrella of WBJEE

The syllabus for WBJEE ,is a reiteration of the class 10th to 12th NCERT, similar to the other engineering entrance exams throughout India.

This article, is intended to help one get acquainted with important topics for the WBJEE preparation & be informed of the chapter wise weightage assigned to these topics.However it goes without saying that it is always advisable to study the complete exam syllabus for a successful exam preparation. Mentioned below  are some of the inherent chapters ,demanding special attention, taken from the WBJEE syllabus.

The WBJEE question-papers, include about 40% to 50% of the WBJEE syllabus.Aspirants need to focus on the following Important topics in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.


Aspirants should focus on topics like;

·        Current Electricity 

·        Electrostatics

·        Heat and Thermodynamics

However,as said before, it is always advisable to study the complete exam syllabus.


These vital areas for focus include;

·        Chemical Kinetics

·        Chemical Bonding

·        Block elements, and many more as enlisted below 

Ionic Equilibrium, Alcohol Phenol Ether, and Chemical Equilibrium can be taken on with the rest of the exam syllabus.


Focus areas for mathematics section are;

·        Vectors

·        Probability

·        3D Geometry

·        Sets

Best books for WBJEE


·        NCERT Physics for class X & XII

·        The concept of Physics by H.C. Verma

·        Understanding Physics series by D.C. Pandey

·        Concepts of Competition Physics for CBSE PMT by Agarwals


·        NCERT Chemistry for class X & XII

·        Physical Chemistry by O.P Tandon

·        Inorganic Chemistry by O.P Tandon

·        Concepts of Organic Chemistry by O.P Tandon

·        Organic Chemistry by Arihant

·        Organic Chemistry by Morrison & Boyd


·        NCERT Maths for class X & XII

·        Mathematics by R.S. Aggarwal

·        Objective Mathematics by R.D. Sharma


·        NCERT Biology for Class X & XII

·        Truman’s Biology for Class 11th and 12th by Trueman Publishers

·        Pradeep’s Objective Biology by Pradeep Publications

Preparation/Practice Books

Will allow aspirants to get acquainted with the pattern of the question paper and practicing timed mock tests will also give candidates an actual exam feel.  

Study plan  – WBJEE 2021

Candidates must secure a minimum of 45% marks in 10+2 in order to appear for WBJEE 2021 exam. It is important to check the WBJEE eligibility criteria before a candidate begins with the exam preparation.

 Being one of the  most strenuous state-level engineering entrance exams in India WBJEE, will require a solid preparation plan. 

Candidates will be able to devote quality time for each subject or topic enlisted in WBJEE syllabus with a strategized methodical study plan. This is one major preparation tip which can make the exam preparation more planned and consistent for study. This section will deal with the step by step study plan for WBJEE 2021, to help aspirants nailing top scores.. 

Preparation Tips WBJEE 2021

·        To set clear goals

The aspirant should be very clear about his goals and how to achieve them. A disciplined approach will take the aspirant far.

·        To begin exam preparation early

The aspirant should work on his mindset and not procrastinate in scheduling his study plan.The earlier the preparation begins the more time to work on the weak areas.

·        To create a timetable

A realistic time table to begin with and then the rigorous one would be the best strategy.

·        Reading recommended books for  WBJEE preparation

·        Note-making

·        Revision -very important

·        Practice/ mock tests / previous year papers-

·        Time Management: 

Learning how to manage time can prove to be one of the biggest assets to a WBJEE aspirant. The art of Time Management is not just one of the most important but the most important element of WBJEE exam preparation tip. It  is one of the crucial critical factor that has a bearing on the WBJEE score. Taking several mock tests helps to  master the exam duration.

·        Regular Revision: Like any other competitive exam, regular revision of the WBJEE exam syllabus is an absolute necessity, certain topics more than the others. If not revised regularly, the syllabus can prove to be vast and not easily handled ,and thus, can easily bring down the performance. Hence it is crucial to revise a topic multiple times. Increasing the recall power of the brain and ensuring it stays optimum during the exam. 

·        Strength and Weaknesses: 

Another very important step is the awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses.

During the preparation for the WBJEE exam, it is absolutely essential  to evaluate one’s performance in every phase at every stage. A meticulous way to go about your weaknesses and begin preparation from there brings in confidence and motivates one to prepare better. A clear picture emerges of strengths and weaknesses in terms of the topics included in WBJEE syllabus. As said before weak areas need to be given priority.These should not be left for later.

·        Guesswork to be avoided: This should be avoided at all costs . As in this exam there is a provision for  negative marking, it is very important to be certain about answers. Every incorrect answer will cost!It is a matter of  1/4th mark. Hence, it is advisable to not get tempted to answer when unsure. To stay away from questions, when in doubt. To attempt only when one is 100% sure about the answer.