Kirorimal College (KMC) Cut Off 2020

Kirorimal College Cut Off
Kirorimal College (KMC) Cut Off 2020

Kirorimal College Cut Off 2020:  Students can get cut off from this page. Apart from the official website, students can also get the cut off from this page given by us. Students who want to get admission in the UG Courses of DU have to first fill the DU Application Form 2020. After which all the colleges of Delhi University issue the cut off on their official website. Students can apply by visiting the official website of DU. After filling the application form, students wait for the cutoff. You can read this article completely to get complete information of Kirorimal College Cut off 2019.

Kirorimal College Cut Off 2020

Students can take admission in the course of their choice according to their marks after the release of Kirorimal College Cut off 2020. Typically, there are 10 to 12 cut-offs in DU. If the students have scored according to the cutoff, then they can take admission in that college. To take admission, students have to participate in the counselling process. During counselling, students can choose the college of their choice and the course of their choice according to their marks. Apart from DU Cut Off 2019, students can also get the previous years cut off Kirorimal College from this page.

Kirorimal College Cut Off Important Dates 2020

Kirorimal College Cut Off EventsImportant date
Date of release of cutoff listJuly 2020

Kirorimal College Cut Off List 2020

After filling the application form, the students are waiting for the cut-off to be released, the cut-off of the students is released shortly after filling the registration form. Students can see the 2019 cutoff below to get an idea of ​​the 2020 cutoff.

Kirorimal College Cutoff 2020

3B.A (Hons) English96-96.592.5-93ClosedClosed91-9291-92
3B.A (Hons) GeographyClosed95.25-95.594.5-94.75Closed91-9292.5-93
3B.A (Hons) Economics97.5-9895.25-95.7591.25-91.589.75-90.2589-9194.5-95
3B.A (Hons) HindiClosed86.75-87.5Closed85-8686.25-8785-86
3B.A (Hons) HistoryClosedClosedClosedClosed89.5-9092.25-92.5
3B.A (Hons) Political ScienceClosedClosedClosedClosedClosed93.25-93.5
3B.A. (Hons.) SanskritClosed69-69.5Closed68.5-69.5Closed68.5-69.5
3B.Com (Prog.)97-97.2596-96.2593.5-93.7591-91.2588.75-8990.5-90.75
3B.Sc (Hons) StatisticsClosed95-95.591-9288.5-90.592-9393-93.5
3B.Sc (Hons) Botany93.66-94Closed88.66-89.6688.33-89.6682-8491-92
3B.Sc (Hons) Mathematics96.25-96.595.75-9692.25-92.7590.5-90.7590-9194-94.5
3B.Sc (Hons) Chemistry95.33-95.6694.66-9589-9085.33-8783-8493-94
3B.Sc (Hons) Physics96-96.3395.33-95.6691-91.3386-87.6680-8590-93
3B.Sc (Hons) Zoology95.33-9693.66-9488.33-89.3387-8882-8493-94
3B.Com (Hons.)97-97.7594.25-95.7590.25-92.585-87.587.5-89.587-88
3B.A. (Hons.) UrduClosed78-78.575-7775-7674-7675-76
3B.Sc. Physical Science with Chemistry92.66-9390.33-90.6686.66-87.3383-8479-8087-88
3B.A. Programme (History + Political Science)ClosedClosedClosed94.5-95Closed91.5-92
3B.Sc (Life Sciences)Closed90.33-90.66ClosedClosed79-8086-87
3B.A. Programme (Political Science + Philosophy)Closed92.75-93Closed93-93.591.5-91.7590-90.5
3B.A. Programme (Economics + History)ClosedClosedClosed94-94.7592.5-92.7591.5-91.75
3B.Sc. Physical ScienceClosed92.33-92.6686-8782-8379-8085.66-86.33
3B.A. Programme (Economics + Philosophy)ClosedClosedClosed93.5-93.7591.5-91.7590.5-90.75
3B.A. Programme (Bengali + Political Science)Closed71-7271-7270-7273-73.569-71
3B.A. Programme (Bengali + History)Closed71-72Closed70-7273-73.568-69
3B.Sc. Physical Science with ComputerClosed92.33-92.6687.66-88.3384-8581.66-8286-87
3B.A. Programme (Economics + Political Science)ClosedClosed93-93.25Closed93-93.2592-92.25
3B.A. Programme (English + Political Science)ClosedClosedClosedClosed91.5-91.7590.5-90.75
3B.A. Programme (History + Philosophy)Closed92.5-92.75Closed93-93.591-91.7590-90.5
3B.A. Programme (Functional Hindi + Political Science)Closed92.5-92.7591.5-91.7593-93.590-91.7590.25-90.5
2B.A (Hons) Hindi88.5 – 89.587.5 – 8986 – 8786 – 878786 – 88
2B.A (Hons) HistoryAdmission Closed94Admission ClosedAdmission Closed89.5 – 9092.5 – 93
2B.A (Hons) Political ScienceAdmission ClosedClosedAdmission ClosedAdmission ClosedAdmission Closed93.25 – 93.5
2B.A (Hons) English96.5 – 97Closed90 – 9189 – 9092 – 9392 – 93
2B.A. (Hons.) SanskritAdmission Closed69.5 – 7069.5 – 7069.5 – 70Admission Closed69.5 – 70
2B.Com (Prog.)97.25 – 97.596.25 – 96.593.75 – 9491.25 – 91.58990.75 – 91
2B.A. (Hons.) UrduAdmission Closed78.5 – 7977 – 7876-7776 – 7776 – 77
2B.A (Hons) GeographyAdmission Closed95.594.75 – 95Admission Closed92 – 9393 – 93.5
2B.A (Hons) Economics98 – 98.2595.75 – 9691.5 – 91.7590.25 – 90.591 – 92.2595 – 95.25
2B.Com (Hons.)97.75 – 98.595.75 – 97.592.5 – 94.587.5 – 92.589.5 – 9088 – 92
2B.Sc (Hons) Statistics96.5 – 9795.5 – 9692 – 9390.5 – 9193 – 9493.5 – 94
2B.Sc (Hons) Botany949289.66 – 9089.66 – 9084 – 8592 – 93
2B.Sc (Hons) Chemistry95.66 – 9695 – 95.3390 – 9187 – 8984 – 8594 – 95
2B.Sc (Hons) Mathematics96.5 – 9796 – 96.592.75 – 9390.75 – 9191 – 9294.5 – 95.5
2B.Sc (Hons) Physics96.33 – 96.6695.66 – 9691.33 – 9287.66 – 8985 – 8693 – 95
2B.Sc (Hons) Zoology96 – 97.3394 – 95.3389.33 – 90.3388 – 89.384 – 85.3394 – 95
2B.Sc (Life Sciences)Admsiion Closed90.66 – 91Admission ClosedAdmission Closed80 – 8287 – 89
2B.Sc. Physical Science with Computer Sc.Admsiion Closed92.66 – 9388.33 – 8985 – 8682 – 8388 – 88
2B.Sc. Physical Science93.6692.66 – 9387 – 8883 – 83.580 – 8283.66 – 87
2B.Sc. Applied Sciences Chemistry92.66 – 9390.66 – 91.3387.33 – 8884 – 8580 – 8188 – 89
2B.A. Programme (History + Political Science)Admission ClosedAdmission ClosedAdmission Closed95 – 95.593.25 – 93.592 – 92.5
2B.A. Programme (Economics + Political Science)Admission ClosedAdmission Closed93.25 – 93.595.25 – 95.593.25 – 93.592.25 – 92.5
2B.A. Programme (Political Science + Philosophy)Admission ClosedAdmission ClosedAdmission Closed93.5 – 9491.75 – 9290.5 – 91
2B.A. Programme (Economics + History)Admission ClosedAdmission Closed92.75 – 9394.75 – 9592.75 – 9391.75 – 92
2B.A. Programme (History + Philosophy)93.75 – 9492.75 – 9391.75 – 9293.5 – 9491.75 – 9290.5 – 91
2B.A. Programme (Economics + Philosophy)Admission Closed92.75 – 9391.75 – 9293.75 – 9491.75 – 9290.75 – 91
2B.A. Programme (Bengali + History)73 – 7672 – 7572 – 7472 – 7673.75 – 7469 – 73
2B.A. Programme (English + Political Science)Admission ClosedAdmission Closed91.75 – 9293.75 – 9491.75 – 9290.75 – 91
2B.A. Programme (Functional Hindi + Political Science)93.75 – 9492.75 – 9391.75 – 9293.5 – 9491.75 – 9290.5 – 91
2B.A. Programme (Bengali + Political Science)Admission Closed72 – 7572 – 7472 – 7673.75 – 7471 – 73
1B.A (Hons) English979391909393
1B.A (Hons) History959492919093
1B.A (Hons) Political Science9694.7593.2593.2590.593.5
1B.A (Hons) Economics98.259691.7590.592.2595.25
1B.A. (Hons.) Sanskrit96.57070707070
1B.A. (Hons.) Urdu807978777777
1B.Com (Prog.)97.596.59491.58991
1B.Com (Hons.)98.597.594.592.59092
1B.Sc (Hons) Statistics979693919494
1B.Sc (Hons) Botany949290908593
1B.A (Hons) Geography96.595.595959393.5
1B.A (Hons) Hindi89.58987878788
1B.Sc (Hons) Chemistry9695.3391898595
1B.Sc (Hons) Mathematics9796.593919295.5
1B.Sc (Hons) Physics96.669692898695
1B.Sc (Hons) Zoology97.3395.3390.3389.3385.3395
1B.Sc. Physical Science with Computer Sc.94.339389868388
1B.Sc (Life Sciences)939185848289
1B.Sc. Applied Sciences Chemistry9391.33888581
1B.Sc. Physical Science93.669388858287
1B.A. Programme (Economics + History)959493959392
1B.A. Programme (History + Philosophy)949392949291
1B.A. Programme (Economics + Philosophy)949392949291
1B.A. Programme (Bengali + Political Science)767574767473
1B.A. Programme (Bengali + History)767574767473
1B.A. Programme (English + Political Science)949392949291
1B.A. Programme (Economics + Political Science)95.594.593.595.593.592.5
1B.A. Programme (History + Political Science)95.594.593.595.593.592.5
1B.A. Programme (Functional Hindi + Political Science)949392949291
1B.A. Programme (Political Science + Philosophy)949392949291

Kirorimal College Cut Off List 2018

1B.Sc (Hons) Statistics96.594.2592909094.5
1B.Sc (Hons) Physics96.669692898695
1B.Sc (Hons) Mathematics96.7594.7593919294
1B.Sc (Life Sciences)949188868289
1B.Sc (Hons) Zoology97.3395.3393.3392.3385.3395
1B.Sc. Physical Science with Chemistry939187848190
1B.Sc. Applied Physical Sciences with Analytical Methods in Chemistry & Biochemistry9391.6688858190
1B.Sc (Hons) Botany94.669290908593
1B.Sc (Hons) Chemistry96.3395.3391898595
1B.Sc. Physical Science with Computer93.339288858287
2B.Sc (Hons) Statistics9693.2590888993
2B.Sc (Hons) Physics96.3395.3391.33888594
2B.Sc (Hons) Zoology969491898094
2B.Sc (Life Sciences)93.669086.33847885
2B.Sc. Physical Science with Chemistry92.6690.6686837587
2B.Sc. Physical Science with ComputerClosed91.6687848085
2B.Sc. Applied Physical Sciences with Analytical Methods in Chemistry & Biochemistry92.3390.3385817586
2B.Sc (Hons) Botany93.3390.3387878091
2B.Sc (Hons) Mathematics9694.2590888889
2B.Sc (Hons) Chemistry95.6694.3386898090
3B.Sc (Hons) BotanyClosedClosedClosed84.6675.6689
3B.Sc (Hons) Chemistry95.339487837986
3B.Sc (Hons) Zoology9592.3389.3387Closed93
3B.Sc (Hons) Mathematics95.75ClosedClosedClosed8587
3B.Sc. Physical Science with ChemistryClosed90.6684817385
3B.Sc (Hons) StatisticsClosedClosed89858892
3B.Sc (Life Sciences)92.6689.6685.6681.577.6684
3B.Sc. Applied Physical Sciences with Analytical Methods in Chemistry & Biochemistry929083797484
3B.Sc. Physical Science with ComputerClosed91.338683Closed82
3B.Sc (Hons) Physics9694.6690.33868390
4B.Sc (Hons) StatisticsClosed9388828791
4B.Sc (Hons) Botany93ClosedClosed83.6670.6685
4B.Sc (Hons) Chemistry9593.6686797785
4B.Sc (Life Sciences)91Closed84777582
4B.Sc. Physical Science with ChemistryClosed90.3381786882.66
4B.Sc. Applied Physical Sciences with Analytical Methods in Chemistry & Biochemistry918981.33777281
4B.Sc. Physical Science with ComputerClosed918581Closed82
4B.Sc (Hons) Mathematics95.5ClosedClosedClosed8285.5
4B.Sc (Hons) Zoology9491.3387.3384Closed89
4B.Sc (Hons) Physics95.6694.3390858191
5B.Sc (Hons) ChemistryClosed93.33Closed787685
5B.Sc (Hons) Botany92.6690Closed82.66Closed83
5B.Sc (Hons) Mathematics95.25ClosedClosed87.7581.585.25
5B.Sc (Hons) PhysicsClosedClosedClosed847987
5B.Sc (Hons) ZoologyClosed91Closed81Closed87
5B.Sc (Hons) StatisticsClosed92.7587808590
5B.Sc. Applied Physical Sciences with Analytical Methods in Chemistry & Biochemistry89.668779747081
5B.Sc. Physical Science with ComputerClosedClosed84.6680.33Closed83.33
5B.Sc (Life Sciences)Closed8983757381
5B.Sc. Physical Science with ChemistryClosed9079.5766382.66
6B.Sc (Hons) StatisticsClosedClosedClosed78.58489.5
6B.Sc (Hons) ChemistryClosed92.66Closed757685
6B.Sc (Hons) MathematicsClosedClosedClosed87.258185.25
6B.Sc (Hons) PhysicsClosed94.33ClosedClosed7586
6B.Sc. Physical Science with ComputerClosedClosed84.3380Closed83.33
6B.Sc. Applied Physical Sciences with Analytical Methods in Chemistry & BiochemistryClosed8576716980
6B.Sc. Physical Science with ChemistryClosed9079735882.66
6B.Sc (Hons) ZoologyClosed90.33ClosedClosedClosed85
6B.Sc (Life Sciences)Closed88.3382Closed7181
6B.Sc (Hons) BotanyClosed89.66Closed80.66Closed82.66
7B.Sc (Hons) StatisticsClosedClosedClosedClosed8389
7B.Sc (Hons) Botany92.3389.66Closed79Closed82.66
7B.Sc (Hons) ChemistryClosed92.33Closed747485
7B.Sc (Hons) ZoologyClosed90ClosedClosedClosed84
7B.Sc (Hons) MathematicsClosedClosedClosed86.758085.25
7B.Sc (Hons) PhysicsClosed94ClosedClosed7086
7B.Sc. Applied Physical Sciences with Analytical Methods in Chemistry & BiochemistryClosedClosed75696680
7B.Sc. Physical Science with ChemistryClosed89.3378685582.66
7B.Sc (Life Sciences)9187.3381Closed6981
7B.Sc. Physical Science with ComputerClosedClosed8479Closed83.33
8B.Sc (Hons) StatisticsClosed92.258677.582.588.5
8B.Sc (Hons) BotanyClosed89.3386.6678Closed82.33
8B.Sc (Hons) ChemistryClosed92Closed747385
8B.Sc (Hons) MathematicsClosed94Closed86.57985.25
8B.Sc (Hons) ZoologyClosed89.3387ClosedClosed84
8B.Sc (Life Sciences)ClosedClosedClosedClosed6781
8B.Sc. Applied Physical Sciences with Analytical Methods in Chemistry & BiochemistryClosedClosed73676480
8B.Sc. Physical Science with ChemistryClosed8977.66665382.66
8B.Sc (Hons) PhysicsClosed93.66ClosedClosed6586
8B.Sc. Physical Science with ComputerClosed90.668375Closed83.33
9B.Sc (Hons) StatisticsClosed91.758576.58288
9B.Sc (Hons) ChemistryClosed91.66Closed737185
9B.Sc (Hons) Botany928986.3377.66Closed82
9B.Sc (Hons) Physics95.6693ClosedClosed6385.66
9B.Sc. Applied Physical Sciences with Analytical Methods in Chemistry & BiochemistryClosedClosed72666380
9B.Sc. Physical Science with ChemistryClosed88.3376.33635082.66
9B.Sc (Life Sciences)90.66ClosedClosedClosed6780.66
9B.Sc. Physical Science with ComputerClosed90.338273Closed83.33
9B.Sc (Hons) MathematicsClosed93.75Closed867885.25
9B.Sc (Hons) ZoologyClosed8986.33ClosedClosed84
10B.Sc (Hons) StatisticsClosed92.258677.582.588
10B.Sc (Hons) Physics95.6694ClosedClosed6285.66
10B.Sc (Hons) ZoologyClosed9087ClosedClosed84
10B.Sc. Physical Science with ComputerClosedClosed8375Closed83.33
10B.Sc (Life Sciences)91ClosedClosedClosed6581
10B.Sc. Applied Physical Sciences with Analytical Methods in Chemistry & BiochemistryClosedClosed74676180
10B.Sc (Hons) ChemistryClosed92.33Closed726985
10B.Sc (Hons) Botany9289.3386.6678Closed82
10B.Sc. Physical Science with ChemistryClosed8977665082.66
10B.Sc (Hons) MathematicsClosed93.5Closed85.57785.25
1B.A (Hons) Geography96.259595959393.5
1B.A (Hons) Economics97.7595.591.259091.7594.75
1B.A (Hons) English979491.2590.593.594
1B.A (Hons) Hindi908986868788
1B.A (Hons) History95.59492919093.5
1B.A (Hons) Political Science96.759593.593.591.7593.75
1B.A Programme969593939395
1B.A. (Hons.) Sanskrit706867676768
1B.A. (Hons.) Urdu706560606060
1B.Com (Hons.)97.595.592.758887.588.5
1B.Com (Prog.)96.594.59287.758788
2B.A (Hons) English969390899091
2B.A (Hons) History95.259391908893
2B.A (Hons) Hindi8886.58482.5Closed84
2B.A (Hons) Economics97.2595.2590.758989.2591.75
2B.A. (Hons.) SanskritClosed676565Closed65
2B.A (Hons) Geography9694.2594949292
2B.Com (Hons.)9794.590.2582.580.587
2B.A (Hons) Political Science969492.592.59192
2B.A. (Hons.) UrduClosedClosed59.75Closed59.7559.75
2B.A Programme94.759391.5908993
2B.Com (Prog.)96.259491.7587.75Closed87
3B.A (Hons) Geography95.75Closed93.25939191
3B.A (Hons) Economics96.7594.2589.7588.58789.25
3B.A (Hons) English9591898888.590
3B.A (Hons) Political ScienceClosed93.2591.59290.591
3B.A (Hons) HindiClosed84.58378Closed80
3B.A Programme94.592.591.2589.7588.592
3B.Com (Hons.)Closed9489.7580.578.587
3B.Com (Prog.)ClosedClosed91.25ClosedClosed86.25
3B.A. (Hons.) UrduClosedClosed59ClosedClosed59
3B.A. (Hons.) SanskritClosed666060Closed63
3B.A (Hons) History94.592ClosedClosed8692
4B.A (Hons) EconomicsClosed92.7588.2586.583.2587.5
4B.A (Hons) EnglishClosedClosed88.5Closed8587
4B.A (Hons) Hindi87.5ClosedClosed768578
4B.A (Hons) GeographyClosed93.7592.75928989
4B.A (Hons) HistoryClosed91.25ClosedClosedClosed91
4B.Com (Prog.)96.25Closed91ClosedClosed86.25
4B.A. (Hons.) SanskritClosed655959Closed62
4B.A. (Hons.) UrduClosedClosed59ClosedClosed59
4B.A Programme93.759089.5898788.75
4B.Com (Hons.)96.7593.589.25807886.75
4B.A (Hons) Political ScienceClosed9290.5918989
5B.A (Hons) Economics96.591.7587.258580.2586.5
5B.A (Hons) EnglishClosed90.5ClosedClosed8385
5B.A (Hons) HistoryClosed91ClosedClosedClosed90
5B.A (Hons) GeographyClosedClosedClosed908787
5B.A (Hons) Hindi87Closed82Closed82.577
5B.Com (Hons.)96.59388.577.576.586.5
5B.Com (Prog.)96.259490.5ClosedClosed86.25
5B.A Programme93.5Closed89888585
5B.A. (Hons.) SanskritClosed64Closed58Closed60
5B.A. (Hons.) UrduClosedClosed59Closed5860
5B.A (Hons) Political ScienceClosedClosedClosedClosed86.587
6B.A (Hons) EnglishClosed90.25Closed87.75ClosedClosed
6B.A (Hons) HistoryClosed90Closed88.5Closed89
6B.A (Hons) GeographyClosedClosedClosed888686
6B.A. (Hons.) UrduClosedClosed59Closed5860
6B.Com (Hons.)Closed92.758776.257586.5
6B.A (Hons) Hindi86.5Closed80.5Closed8176.5
6B.A (Hons) Economics96.2591.25Closed82.7577.586.25
6B.A ProgrammeClosedClosed88.586Closed83.5
6B.Com (Prog.)9693.7590ClosedClosed86
6B.A. (Hons.) SanskritClosed62Closed56Closed60
6B.A (Hons) Political ScienceClosedClosedClosedClosedClosed86
7B.A (Hons) Hindi86Closed797579.576
7B.A (Hons) EconomicsClosedClosedClosed807586.25
7B.A. (Hons.) SanskritClosedClosedClosed54Closed60
7B.A (Hons) GeographyClosedClosedClosedClosed85.7585.75
7B.A (Hons) Political Science95.75ClosedClosedClosedClosed86
7B.A. (Hons.) UrduClosedClosed59Closed5860
7B.Com (Hons.)Closed92.2586757386.5
7B.Com (Prog.)95.75Closed89.75ClosedClosed85.75
7B.A (Hons) EnglishClosed90Closed87.5Closed85
7B.A (Hons) History94ClosedClosed87.5Closed88
7B.A Programme93.25Closed88.2585.584.583.25
8B.A (Hons) EconomicsClosed9187Closed7286.25
8B.A (Hons) EnglishClosedClosedClosed87ClosedClosed
8B.A. (Hons.) UrduClosedClosed59Closed5860
8B.A ProgrammeClosedClosed88Closed8483.25
8B.A (Hons) GeographyClosedClosedClosedClosed8485.75
8B.Com (Prog.)Closed93.589.25ClosedClosed85.75
8B.Com (Hons.)Closed91.7584737186.5
8B.A (Hons) HindiClosedClosedClosed74.5Closed76
8B.A. (Hons.) SanskritClosed60Closed52Closed60
8B.A (Hons) HistoryClosedClosedClosed87Closed87.5
8B.A (Hons) Political ScienceClosedClosedClosedClosed88.586
9B.A (Hons) English95ClosedClosed86.5Closed85
9B.A (Hons) GeographyClosedClosedClosedClosed8285.75
9B.A (Hons) EconomicsClosed90.7586.75Closed7086.25
9B.A (Hons) Political Science95.75ClosedClosedClosedClosed85.75
9B.A (Hons) History93.5ClosedClosed87Closed87.5
9B.A. (Hons.) UrduClosedClosed59Closed5860
9B.Com (Hons.)Closed90.7580706986.5
9B.A ProgrammeClosedClosed87.75Closed83.7583.25
9B.A (Hons) Hindi85.5ClosedClosed72.5Closed75.5
9B.A. (Hons.) SanskritClosed59Closed50Closed60
9B.Com (Prog.)Closed92.588ClosedClosed85.75
10B.A (Hons) HistoryClosedClosedClosedClosedClosed87
10B.A (Hons) Political Science96ClosedClosedClosedClosed86
10B.A (Hons) EconomicsClosed9187Closed7286.25
10B.A (Hons) Hindi85.5ClosedClosed70Closed75.5
10B.A ProgrammeClosedClosed87.75Closed83.583.25
10B.Com (Hons.)Closed91.7584737186.5
10B.Com (Prog.)Closed93.589.25ClosedClosed85.75
10B.A (Hons) GeographyClosedClosedClosedClosed8085.75
10B.A (Hons) English95ClosedClosed86Closed85
10B.A. (Hons.) SanskritClosed59Closed50Closed60
10B.A. (Hons.) UrduClosedClosed59Closed5860

Delhi University Admission 2020 Counseling

 Counseling will be conducted after the merit list or cutoff of Delhi University Admission 2020 . In which the selected students will be called. Only those students whose name will appear in the merit list will be called for counseling. During counseling, students have to bring all the necessary documents with them. Apart from this, students will also have to bring original copies of documents with them. During Delhi University counseling, students can take admission in the college of their choice according to their ranking.

Official  website-

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