How to prepare for UPSC IAS Exam 2020?

How to prepare for UPSC IAS Exam
How to prepare for UPSC IAS Exam 2020

How to prepare for UPSC IAS? – We all know that the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts the Civil Services Examination, and it’s a difficult and prestigious examination of the country. For which millions of young students from every corner of the country prepare for this exam and dream of becoming an IAS officer. If we look at the process and nature of this exam, we will find that to succeed in this exam, we need to prepare with a precise strategy and system. Usually, if a candidate starts preparing for this examination from undergraduate, it is also possible that the chances of joining this service will increase manifold, and the candidates can successfully determine their future in this prestigious service. For more information about how to prepare of UPSC IAS, you can read this article.
Know the IAS Exam.

How to prepare for UPSC IAS?

Before you start preparing for the UPSC exam, you need to know something important about the UPSC IAS Exam (Civil Services Examination), what comes in the exam?, what is the eligibility for IAS Exam and its syllabus. Once you know the IAS exam well and understand it, then you are ready for IAS preparation. The IAS exam consists of two exams, the preliminary exam and the main exam. (The IAS exam is a 3 stage exam) Both papers are very important, can say almost the same thing(Not same), but both have to be prepared differently. For prelims, you will need to cover a large amount of information but you do not need to go into too much depth( This is very important for aspirants to go into depth). But for Mains, you have to define syllabus well, so you know what to cover, but you have to cover every aspect of this well-defined syllabus because Mains exam is a descriptive exam.

Read Newspaper and Magazines

If you do not know that Current Affairs and General Awareness Prelims are very important subjects for the exam(not make any sense), then you need to correct this topic first. Let us tell you that Paper 1 (General Studies) may contain at least 30-40 current affairs and general awareness questions. If you are just starting preparing for IAS, then tell us how do you prepare for these subjects?
You have to do that you have to read at least one good newspaper and one good current affairs magazine daily. For the newspaper, you can read ‘Indian Express’ or ‘The Hindu’. There are good sources of both current affairs and important editorials which will help you for the prelims exam as well as GS Mains exam paper.
Apart from this, you can take the help of weekly current affairs update to improve your preparation. Through current affairs update, you save your time and effort in finding other important information about the IAS exam. (candidates save their time for Preparation)

Make a Schedule and Follow It

Preparing for IAS means giving up everything(we have to encourage aspirants that apart from your IAS preparation you should also give time to your family and friends). Everything means that you have to forget and prepare everything for this exam because it is the most difficult exam in the country, it is not easy to do anything in it. This is why you need to prepare a 10-12 month preparation plan for how you will cover the entire course of general studies so that it helps in pre-commerce as well as main. The next step is to divide your time between papers 1 and 2. Since paper 2 of the prelims qualify in scope only, this may give you more time to prepare for paper 1 (General Studies). If you are preparing for full time, then I would suggest you to give at least 7 hours for papers 1 and 2 because paper 2 of the prelims are only qualified in that scope, you will be able to prepare for paper 1 (General Studies). Allow more time for If you are preparing full time, I suggest you give 7 hours per day in Paper 1 and 2-3 hours in Paper 2(Repeat statement). In Paper 1 you should give 30-60 minutes to read newspapers and current affairs. You should give the rest of your time to cover various topics like history, geography, politics (Polity)etc. (Here require brief explanations of subjects Geography, History, Polity, Economy, Science and Technology, Current Affairs and Environment).

Test your Preparation

It is not only necessary to prepare for UPSC IAS. It is also important to check the preparation you have done because until you check your preparation you will not know how much water you are in. To check your IAS preparation, you can take the UPSC Preparation Exam for any coaching or give online IAS mock test. You can also buy exam papers from the market and prepare for the exam.
Through the mock test, you will know about your weak topic, what your topic or topic is weak and you have to spend more time on it. By gradually giving mock tests, you will get information about all your subjects. ( More details require for Mock Tests and strategies)

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