APS Digicamp 2020


APS digicamp is online software that is used to manage all online school but mostly army public school are connected with APS digicamp. On APS Digicamp students will get all CBSE and non-CBSE schools. For CBSE school this software it designs and its functionality grade 9 points on A grade scale. For non-CBSE school or co-scholastic five-point grade, the scale has been provided for the student.

APS digicamp 2020

APS digicamp have lots of benefits these areas faculty development, evolution,  inventory, students profile, school profile, academic, fee collection and etc. It is basically an interactive portal where parents or guardians interact with school or institution. Combination of all these things makes APS digicamp. this complete combination is known as a school management system that has been created by APS digicamp. 

How anyone can log in to the academic module?

  • User clicks on any search engine or browser and types this URL. After entering this URL just click on the enter button.
  • The screen will appear in front of your browser.

image 1

  • Click on login button that is on right it and side top corner as you can see in the image given below.

imaeh 2

  • After clicking on login button user will see many options off login is displayed in front of your screen. User will select anyone login type according to their role.
  • Click on “Login
    • select User role as“Academics
    • Provide “user Id, password, school name, catcher
    • Again click on“log in” Press on this Login Button

image 3

  • After choosing a role user to enter all the basic detail which are required that is is user id and password along with Recaptcha and security.

image 3

  • After successfully logged in user will see a dashboard according to your chosen role in front of the screen.

image 5

  • After entering their subsequent role menu list has been present on the left side of the dashboard. These menus are related to their subsequent roles and option holds in this menu are
    • Name of the user
    • Subsequent role
    • Name of institution
    • Session name 
    • Documents
    • Notice
    • Change password and logout option
  • Now the user will click on the dashboard then student profile. Another menu has been displayed related to the student profile image shown below.

image 6

How can I pay my digicamp fee?

  • User will go to the official website of APS digicamp or click on the direct link which is given below.

image 1

  • Then click on student module
  • Now enter the basic detail which is are required to login in student module for the first time user enter these details
    • Username  – enter student admission number
    • Password -password (enter password in lowercase for first time user)
    • School – select school name from the dropdown list
    • Re-enter the text shown given below
    • Click on the login button
  • Now click on PAY option from the fee module.

image 2

  • Carefully check the total amount of the fee to be paid after that click on online payment.

image 3

  • Now select your payment gateway such as
    • Net banking
    • Credit card
    • Debit card
  • Then select your bank and enter bank details.

image 4

  • After the successful transaction of fees, the browser will automatically redirect to the homepage of APS digicamp generate e-receipt of fees.
  • Click on see details and see the receipt after that take a printout of fee receipt which will use in future.

image 5

What are the benefits of APS digicamp?

There is a lot of benefit of APS digicamp it is a complete software package of the school management system. This software includes a lot of important things which hides lots of benefit to any user few of them are given below.

  • APS digicamp help doing live tracking of any school, teacher, student, etc.
  • The student will get practice 360 degrees above related to their attendance, report card and other activities.
  • Any user can track school profile 360 degrees with their facilities.
  • Before APS digicamp admission and transfer is so difficult in APS but now any user can go for admission and transfer easily through online process.
  • It also shows the complete course planner and time table of any academic which helps monitoring and tracking.
  • Any parents teachers commerce student can track attendance of any student anytime anywhere.
  • Students will get a report card and grade book with higher accuracy.
  • Parents can easily pay and collect student fee easily with the help of APS digicamp
  • It also provides the best and better employment management system and payroll for the teachers.
  • Animal contract teacher development and learning activities.
  • During admission easily manage procurement, assets, inventory with any accounting process of the school.
  • Student and teachers can crack library operation of the school at any time anywhere.
  • Live and complete view of transport facilities.
  • Parents teachers and student communicate with school anytime anywhere.
  • The dashboard has been created for all subsequent roles such as teachers students and school activities.

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